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We Bring To Life Decorating That Inspires You

The breadth of your life is filled with people, travels, work and culture. When inspirations turn into hard earned successes, when thoughts and hopes meld into life experiences, the building blocks that have shaped your essence, endure in the memories locked in the deepest reaches of your soul.

We design rooms, design spaces that turn ideas using paint, materials and furnish your home into art that is a beacon reflecting the heart and soul of who you are.

We are home decorating and designers that create home design from  your life story.

Beyond Design

Our designers take ideas and turn them into custom designs that are uniquely yours. From custom-made furniture, drapery, carpeting, tiles to bathrooms, kitchen countertops, cabinetry and anything you can dream of, we tailor specifically to your needs.

How Ann's Heartbreaking Story Led To A New Chapter In Her Home Design


Exotic Fabrics & Materials From The Globe

Our interior design experts scour the world for unique and exotic fabrics and materials to create a highly choreographed symphony of textures and colours.

Our designers’ experience in matching Tones and textures that blend together to create a life portrait in design that is as unique as you are.

We will explore the world of colour and textures with you to discover your uniqueness. Let our designers show you how.

We Also Create Adaptive Designs

Our experts go beyond typical designs. Is your home adapted for greater mobility?

We can style and design your mobility enhanced home with dignity and flair in mind.


Collectible Designs And Furniture That Express Your Individuality

  • Collectible design and furniture uniquely designed for you. Rich colours and fabrics are shaped and crafted into designs that are uniquely yours.
  • Your design and furniture are an expression of your individuality you will not find elsewhere.
  • Michelle Marie is a traveller who has scoured the world for often-not-found materials to give your home a special accent.
  • We take care of managing your design project and we have RBQ professional certification which means you can trust us to handle your design projects whether big or small.


  • Michelle was exceptional and very generous with her consultation time. Her flexibility and her attentiveness with respect to meeting times because of family obligations were really appreciated.

    Isabelle Gingras

  • Thank you so very much for helping us fufill our dreams and wishes. You are our “Mrs Claus” always full of wonderful, good surprises for our family!

    Wendy B.

    Thank You So Much
  • What a great meeting with designer Michelle Marie. She’s competent, professional and attentive to our desires and preferences. She really understood the vision for our design.

    Nicole et Gaétan

    Great Meeting

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  3. Relax or do the things that are important to you and let Michelle Marie handle all the details.

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